California Guitar Trio: Hideyo Moriya, Paul Richards and Bert Lams.

Robert Fripp suggested the CGT as opening act or KC during a Guitar Craft Course in Sicily, Italy in '94. To be presented with the possibility of opening for a phenomenal band like KC is a rare opportunity and we went or it, wholeheartedly.

KC tours were to take us through 95 and 96. We did over 130 shows in Europe, America and Japan. We financed the project by selling CD's after the shows.

Plaing for thousands of people almost every night was electrifying experience. Most of the people in the audience had never heard of us before. We only played for thirty minutes, moments. Our laying as a trio became tighter, in spite of the grueling drives in America, the stuffy otels, and the overnight train rides with frequent passport control stops in Eastern Europe.

John Sinks, Robert's guitar tech, did our live mix night after night with unwavering attention and care. He became the fourth member of the CGT during this tour.

The first part of this album is an unedited show in Cincinnati, '95. We added highlights from shows in Atlanta, Den Haag, London and Pisa for the second half.

I hope that this recording reflects the powerful momentum of the hottest shows on this tour.

Bert Lams

Recorded Live:

April 23, 1995 Schloss Schwarzenberg, Schienfeld, Grmany
May 17, 1995 Royal Albert Hall, London, U.K.
June 9, 1995 Taft Theater, Cincinnati, Ohio
Nov 11 & 12, 1995 Roxy Theater, Athlanta, GA.
June 26, 1996 Town Center, Pisa, Italy

Produced by CGT and David Singleton
Sequencing and editing: Alex R. Mundy
Mastered by David Singleton at Discipline
Global M

ТЕКСТ: Bert Lams | с обложки диска | 26 сентября 2002 г.


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