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Удивительная музыка. Те, кто слышал Деву Премал со мной соглосятся... Но, сколько я не искал в сети про саму Деву Премал, так толком ничего и не нашел. А то, что нашел выложил на этой странице.

Deva Premal - short bio

Deva Premal was born in Germany in 1970 of a mystic/artist father and a musically talented mother. She was taught classical music and raised in an atmosphere of mantras and spiritual discipline. By the time she was five years old she was already chanting daily the Gayatri Mantra, the most ancient mantra known to man and the opening track on this album. Premal's vocals are supported by her partner Miten on vocals and guitar, Raj Rishi on drums, hand percussion and keyboards, Maneesh on piano and keyboards, and Reiff Junior on guitar for the song "Sammasati." With her exquisite voice she creates music of beauty and music that makes you feel good day after day.

Deva Premal - Love is Space
Album Description

Graced by ancient mantras and mult-level harmonies, LOVE IS SPACE glows with an inspiring, heart-centered passion. Deva Premal's voice, like silk, like liquid bliss, is accompanied by Jai Uttal, Miten and Kit Walker's amazing keyboard and rhythm tracks. LOVE IS SPACE, as the title suggests, is a journey into the spacious golden land of chant.

This is amazingly sensual music that is ideal for yoga, meditation, healing work, and, not least of all, slow passionate dancing.

About the Artist
Deva Premal and her partner Miten are gifted musicians who travel the world opening people's hearts. Deva Premal is a native of Germany. Miten, who accompanies and produces all the CDs, is from England. They met and fell in love in India, where each had gone on spiritual pilgrimage and to study the rich musical heritage of this mystic land.

They now spend their lives touring the globe, giving concert and workshops in Europe, Australia, Japan, India, Canada and the USA. They offer much more than music, they offer a doorway to the heart and a journey into bliss through song and mantra.


  • Deva Premal grew up in Germany in a spiritual family where she was introduced at an early age to chanting and meditation. Her mother is a musician and her father an artist. "My father has been on the spiritual path since the 50's, studying Yoga, spiritual scriptures and whatever books were available back then, making it his daily discipline to meditate every morning between 3 and 5 a.m," she says. "When I was growing up he devised exercises for my sister and I, to help us become more aware of the moment: We were taught to say 'Om' whenever we placed something on the table, for example. Another was to say 'Ram' whenever we switched on the light!" As a child she studied the violin and piano but it wasn?t until she met Miten, at the Osho Commune in India, that she began exploring her voice. "When Miten began encouraging me to sing harmony with him, I didn't need a big push! I had grown up with music so the ground work was already done. And we sounded pretty good together! At first I played a supporting role, singing second voice, playing keyboards, and co-leading our workshops, which used mantras and chants from different cultures. I was very shy to sing alone, but encouraged by Miten, I became more confident and eventually discovered my voice."

  • Born in Germany in 1970 of a mystic/artist father and a musically talented mother, she was taught violin, piano and received voice training. By the time she was five years old, she was already chanting the Gayatri Mantra daily, and since that time she continues to integrate meditation into her life. She has studied Shiatsu, Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy and Massage, but music remains her first love. The influence of Indian classical music is evident in her singing, although she has never attempted to copy or steal from the tradition. "It just comes naturally," she says, "as if I'd heard it all before, in another life." Among the numerous letters of appreciation she has received since the release of her albums, many describe how her music has been used to accompany and enhance the sacred passages of birth and death. In fact, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross herself, the world famous author of On Death and Dying has requested that Miten and Deva Premal bring their music to accompany her passing. "We have played for many people," says Premal, "but to play personally for Elizabeth was something I will never forget, and to grant her wish will be an honor and a privilege."

    Deva Premal - Embresse
    Album description

    Mantras are repetitive prayers. Say you prayed "let peace rule on earth and all her kingdoms; let peace reign in the hearts and minds of men; let peace become the flavor of all religions". At first, these are just words, blips on mind's screen. But repeat them over and over while all other thoughts fade. This prayer will soon drop into your heart to create an actual and tangible feeling sensation of peace. Continue. Much later again, the mantra/prayer will have gathered enough momentum to self-perpetuate while you simply hold the space. It now speaks itself while you have become a transmitter of peaceful energies anchored by the cyclical rhythmic underpinnings of the words.

    Mantras have been used for thousands of years. They've been refined and used by millions, thus gathering power and efficacy over the centuries. Certain popular ones -- Om Namo Shivaya for example, or Om Mane Padme Hum -- have become veritable GigaWatt spiritual radio transmitters that broadcast 24 hours a day because devotees around the globe are continuously engaged in repeating them. Advanced practitioners will use accompanying physical postures, hand locks, exacting pronunciation and breath alignment to shorten certain bio-energetic circuits and set into resonance others conducive to magnifying the core energy embedded in the mantra.

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