Artist: BMW music
Album: M coupe
Year: 1998
Rec.: Z3 coupe 2.8

01. Race The Race
02. Face Shot
03. Pulse
04. Lolita Loveline
05. Starchild
06. Design
07. Cannes Massacre
08. Killer Instinct

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BMW's Z3/M Coupe
"Love It Or Leave It" Campaign

In 1998, shortly before the release of the E36/8 Z3 Coupe and M Coupe, BMW hired four famous photographers to try to capture on film the essence of this unique vehicle.

They produced a set of postcards from these photographs, as well as a CD-ROM title and an Audio CD, which they shipped free of charge to interested customers. While I no longer seem to be able to find the postcards, I do still have the CD-ROM and the Audio CD.

Contained on the CD-ROM are videos from each of the four photo shoots, as well as some other interesting Coupe videos (in QuickTime). All are linked below. Some are very large -- please note the size before downloading!

Note: All of this data is Copyright © 1998 BMW AG, Munich. Hopefully I am not violating any of their rights here. 2002. webmaster
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