Artist: Sheila Chandra
Album: The Zen Kiss
Year: 1994
Rec.: Real World Rec. Val Collection

01. L'a Sagesse (Women, I'm Caling You)
02. Speacing In Tongues III
03. Waiting
04. Shehnal Song
05. Love It is a Killing Thing
06. Speaking In Tongues IV
07. Woman And Child
08. En Mirel Del Penal
09. A Sailor's Life
10. Abbess Hildegard
11. Kafi Noir

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Produced by Steve Coe
Recorded at the Coachhouse, Clifton, Bristol

All songs written and arranged by Steve Coe and Sheila Chandra
exept "En Mireal de Penal" by Arroya Bnito

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