Artist: John Mclaughlin
Album: MOLOM - A Legend Of Mongolia (soundtracks)
Year: 1995
Rec.: Polydor/Polygram Rec. VA collection

01.Um Mani Padme Hum
02.Molom Theme Song 1
03.The Boy's Theme 1
04.Breakfast - The Cave
05.The Four Seasons
08.Little Girl's Theme 1
09.Cows In The Water
10.The Man Hunts
11.The Camel Walk
12.Hunting - The Witch
13.The Boy Walks
15.The Dream Of The Boy
16.The Boy Cries
17.Traditional Song
18.Introduction Of The Boy To The Monk
19.The Little Girl Says Goodbye To The Boy
20.The Boy Leaves
21.National Song
22.Molom Theme Song End

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