Artist: Irish Hearts
Album: Traditional Irish Drinking Songs
Year: 2000
Rec.: Antonov Collection

01. Do You Want Your Oul' Lobby Down..
02. Hannigans Holley..
03. Shores of Americay..
04. Hills Of Connemara..
05. Spancil Hill..
06. Isle of Innisfree..
07. Mountain Dew..
08. I'm A Rover..
09. Donegal Danny..
10. Will Ye Go Lassie Go..
11. The Spinning Wheel..
12. Lovely Leitrim..
13. Barney Brannigan..
14. Biddy Mulligan..

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Irish Hearts. Traditional Irish Drinking Songs

1. Do You Want Your Oul' Lobby Down? (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). Zoological Gardens (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). Bicycle Built for Two (Dacre/Arr: O'Neill). One Day in Kilkenny (Unidentified/Arr: O'Neill)

2. Hannigans Holley (Sheridan). Mcnamara's Band (O'Connor/Stamford). The Humour Is On Me Now (Haward). Galle Westmeath Bachelor (Whelan). Jig: Blackthorn Stick (Trad/Arr: O'Neill)

3. Shores of Americay (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). A Mother's Love's A Blessing (Keenan/Arr: O'Neill). There Leafed Shamrock (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). These Are My Mountains (Copeland)

4. Hills Of Connemara (McCarthy). Jubilee (Keenan/Arr: O'Neill). Brady from Strabene (Gill)

5. Spancil Hill (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). Galway Shawl (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). The Roads of Kildare (Duggan). Eileen O'Grady (Trad/Arr: O'Neill)

6. Isle of Innisfree (Farrelly). Forty Shades of Green (Cash)

7. Mountain Dew (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). Old Reilly's Daughter (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). Lisdoonvarna Polka (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). The Lair (Makem)

8. I'm A Rover (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). Little Brown Jug (Winner/Arr: O'Neill). Ducks Of Magherlin (The McPeake Family). Jug of Punch (Trad/Arr: O'Neill)

9. Donegal Danny (Coulter/Martin). Spanish Lady (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). Rambles Of Spring (Makem). Catch Me If You Can (McDill)

10. Will Ye Go Lassie Go (McPeake). Old Claddagh Ring (Kelly). Malone (Unidentified/Arr: O'Neill). Irish Lullaby (Shannon)

11. The Spinning Wheel (Waller/Murphy). Rose Of Mooncoin (Kavanagh)

12. Lovely Leitrim (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). Green Glens of Antrim (North). Days in Old Donegal (Carroll)

13. Barney Brannigan (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). Littie Lie Over (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). From Wexford (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). Sweet Biddy Daly (Trad/Arr: O'Neill)

14. Biddy Mulligan (Trad/Kavanagh/Arr: O'Neill). Whiskey on A Sunday (Hughes). German Clockwinder (Trad/Arr: O'Neill). Isn't It Grand Boys? (Sarony) 2002-2003. webmaster
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