Artist: David Hudson
Album: Didgeralia
Year: 1997
Rec.: Indigo. Val collection

01. Trekking
02. Warrama
03. Conversation (Part One)
04. Round Up
05. Wungal
06. Territorial Fight
07. Conversation (Part Two)
08. Djembe
09. New Shoes
10. Gidja The Moon
11. Taipan

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David Hudson - Yalangi & Ewamin

David is well known as a leading didgerido performer, arranger and songwriter at home in Australia as well as the USA, Europe and Asia where he has toured extensively. With his sales currently soaring in excess of 500,000 in Australia alone, David has fast become our best selling artist. David is totally compelling, whether taking on a role as a performer, composer, actor or artist. Most of all, he has achieved renown as a tourism ambassador for both Tropical North Queensland and it's Aboriginal people. David says his life's work is a reflection of his love and belief in Aboriginal culture. He comes from the Ewamin (oo-rah-min) / Western Yalangi (people of the north east coast of Australia) and draws inspiration from the natural elements of the striking environment of his homelands.

"Calling David multi-talented is typically an Australian understatement. David is an accomplished and acclaimed didgeridoo player, actor, dancer, guitarist, drummer, composer, film scorer, writer, theatrical and video producer, television and stage presenter, narrator, painter, teacher, public speaker and photographic model."

"Working with David Hudson is an absolute pleasure". Anyone who's ever worked with David Hudson - and the list is long and illustrious - will say the exact same thing. He has toured the world with Yanni, performing at the Taj Mahal; acted alongside Marlon Brando in 'The Island of Doctor Moreau'. He has played with Tommy Emmanuel; collected a 'Logie' award as a television presenter for 'My Place, My Land, My People', as well as working with local school educators presenting a series of Aboriginal cultural workshops for school children. David has just recorded a new album with Nigel Pegrum of Select Sound Studio, Cairns and travelled to America where he headlined at the Joshua Tree Didgeridoo Festival (28/29th September) in California winning over a new audience at a US$500 a plate charity ball in Washington DC to promote 'Australia Week'. 2002-2003. webmaster
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