Artist: Brian Setzer
Album: The Knife Feels Lece Justice
Year: 1986
Rec.: Grammy. Setzer's first post-Stray Cats and pre-swing solo album.

01. The Knife Feels Lece Justice
02. Haunted River
03. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
04. Bobby's Back
05. Radiation Ranch
06. Chains Around Your Heart
07. Maria
08. Three Guys
09. Aztec
10. Breath Of Life
11. Barbwire Fence

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Brian Setzer - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Tommy Byknes - Guitar & Background Vocals
Kenny Aaronson - Bass
Chuck Leavell - kayboards
Kenny Aronoff - Drums & Percussion

Aditional musicians:

  • Yvonne Zuaro - Vocals on "Aztec", "The Knife Feels Lece Justice", "Maria and Barbwire Fence"
  • Andy & Dave Williams - Vocals on "Chains Around Your Heart", "Bobby's Back" and "Haunted River"
  • Diva Grey, Peggi Blu & Queen Esther Marrow - Vocals on "Breath Of Life", "Three Guys" and "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"

    Mike Campbell - 12 string guitar on "Aztec"
    Steve Jordan - Drums on "Bobby's Back"
    Benmont Tench - Organ on "Bobby's Back"

    Record at:
    One on One Studios, Los Angeles, CA,
    Tiki Recordings Studio, Glen Gove, NY,
    Can Am Recordings Tarzana, CA,
    Power Station, Canoga Park, CA

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