Artist: Steve Tibbetts
Album: A Man About A Horse
Year: 2002
Rec.: Val collection. Limited Edition

01. Lupra
02. Red Temple
03. Black Temple
04. Burning Temple
05. Glass Everywhere
06. Lochana
07. Chandoha
08. Koshala

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  • Steve Tibbetts - guitars, percussion
  • Marc Anderson - percussion
  • Marcus Wise - percussion
  • Jim Anton - bass
    Compositions by Steve Tibbetts
    1 & 8 by Wise/Tibbetts
    Recorded in St. Paul

    _____________________________________________________ REVIEW

    A Man About A Horse

    Steve Tibbetts' guitar speaks in Eastern tongues: the acoustic liquid-raga curls of "Lupra"; the watery electric suggestion of Tibetan monks deep in murmured prayer in "Black Temple"; the icy distortion whipping through "Glass Everywhere." A Minnesota instrumentalist whose pursuit of the transcendent in feedback and non-Western scales has taken him to Nepal and Indonesia and encompasses ten albums since 1977, Tibbetts also loves to rock: He recorded much of the searing guitar on "A Man About A Horse" in a single night, over frenetic Balinese drum samples colored and doubled by percussionists Marc Anderson and Marcus Wise. And Tibbetts' white-hot screams and dives in "Chandoha" combine echoes of Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page, wailing as one in the snowy peaks of Kashmir.
    Rolling Stone

    _____________________________________________________ BIO

    Steve Tibbetts:

    Born: 1954
    Genres: Jazz
    Styles: Fusion
    Instruments: Guitar

    Minneapolis-based contemporary guitarist whose urban-landscape fusion is looked upon as a totally original approach to sound. After a somewhat steady period in the '70s and '80s, Tibbetts started releasing albums irregularly, only offering one in the '90s (Fall of Us All) and another in 2002 (Man About a Horse).
    Ч Michael G. Nastos

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