Artist: WEEN
Album: The Mollusk
Year: 1997
Rec.: Elektra. Warner. For promotional use only. Val collection

01. I'm Dancing In The Show Tonight
02. The Mollusk
03. Polka Dot Tail
04. I'll Be Your Jonny On The Spot
05. Mutilated Lips
06. Blarney Stone
07. It's Gonna Be Alright
08. Golden Eel
09. Cold Blows The Wind
10. Pink Eye (On My Leg)
11. Waving My Dick In The Wind
12. Buckingham Green
13. Ocean Man
14. She Wanted To Leave (Reprise)

75.05 Mb [ex]


This promo cd of "the mollusk" has different mixes of "polka dot tail", "wavin' my dick in the wind", and "it's gonna be alright" on it. i shit you not---they're not that radically different than the final versions, but we did go back and re-master between this promo version and the final version. so it's actually kinda the rarest of all the shit... "Dean Ween"


Behold - it's the demented funhouse mirror of rock 'n' roll.

This band has never done anything by the rules, but its latest album may make you wonder whether there were any rules to begin with. From electronic polkas like I'll Be Your Jonny On the Spot to vicious satire rendered in a pub singalong with The Blarney Stone, Ween proves that absurdity for its own sake isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Connected loosely with a Celtic, seafaring theme, this album is bizarre, spooky and never boring.

This is something Frank Zappa would've loved.

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