Artist: Morcheeba
Album: Charango
Year: 2002
Rec.: China Rec. Warner Brothers. Yurik collection

01. Slow Down
02. Otherwise
03. Aqualung
04. Sao Paulo
05. Charango (feat. Pace Won)
06. What New York Couples Fight About (feat. Kurt Wagner)
07. Undress Me Now
08. Way Beyond
09. Women Lose Weight (feat. Slick Rick)
10. Get Along (feat. Pace Won)
11. Public Displays Of Affection
12. The Great London Traffic Warden Massacre

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Morcheeba - Charango
Released: July 8th 2002
Reviewed: June 24th 2003
Reviewer: Jason Zalmanowitz

Smooth, sexy, stylish. Pick any three of those terms and you'll have successfully summed up Morcheeba's "Charango". Now add sexy people, smooth drinks, a stylish location, and enjoy. Since Morcheeba busted into the scene in 1994, they have been in the limelight of the Downtempo scene. Smart beats and smarter lyrics have captivated both critics and fans alike - with the exception of Fragments of Freedom. Had someone else put out "Fragments", it may have been a little more respectable. But since Morcheeba released it, and we all know how great they are, it wasn't anything special. In fact, it took fans a little while to accept "Charango" - as they feared another inadequate CD. But once they did, "Charango" felt right at home in their A List.

Before you attempt to play this CD, I must advise you against operating heavy machinery while under it's influence. It may lead to head nodding, smiles of satisfaction, and even deep sleep if played at the right time of night. The Downtempo beats, overlain with incredible instrumentals, mixed with the sultry voice of Skye Edwards often prove for a beautiful array of relaxing tracks on Morcheeba's fourth LP.

Some special guests grace this album, such as Kurt Wagner of Lambchop. Kurt and Skye discover each other vocally during their exploration of "What New York Couples Fight About". Their journey into the pretenses of a couple draws us in with a slow back beat and semi-cynical lyrics. Would you write things on the wall? But if you are here for the more trip-hoppy tracks, then Pace Won and Slick Rick will be where you would turn to first. While these tracks aren't the greatest on this LP, they do provide a wonderful contrast to Skye's hauntingly resplendent voice. The title track, "Charango", leads in with a 2:52 dub and manages to sneak in Pace Won's somewhat infectious lyrics in the last 1:20. "Get Alone", the second track featuring Pace Won, is a wonderful duet with Skye which tells a story of love undiscovered. Her voice is prominent in this four minute oeuvre, with Pace offering filler alone.

This smooth journey of guests is interrupted by a somewhat laughable, somewhat serious(ly disturbed) track "Women Lose Weight (ft. Slick Rick)". While Slick Rick proclaims his lust for his secretary, pardon - administrative assistant - who is described to be built in the best way, he realizes his disgust for his wife's weight gain after two pregnancies. "Look, fat chicks, I don't mean to sound rude, I tell her nice to hit the gym and don't eat so much food." . "Send that ass right to the morgue." HA! Take that 'The View'!

And like a post sex cigarette, the last track on this CD leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready for more. "The Great London Traffic Warden Massacre" is a shining example of acid-jazz bachelor-pad rhythms mixed with sexy overtones of eminence that have brought attention to the genre of Downtempo and Trip-Hop over the past decade. After two years of waiting for a reprieve from "Fragments of Freedom", "Charango" is welcome. So give me a light / Or give me a drink / Just give me a reason / To feel what I think.

- Jason Zalmanowitz

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