Artist: Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit
Album: Secret Rhythms
Year: 2001
Rec.: Rec. between May and September 2001 in Cologne and Copenhagen. Val collection

01. Rhein Rauf
02. Rechter Winkel
03. Royal Roost
04. Shades Of Soddin Orion
05. Rastafahndung
06. Gulli Verrisen
07. Wirklich
08. Obscured by 5 short version
09. Obscured by 5 nonpace remix
10. Obscured by 5 extended

100.4 Mb


Josef Suchy plays Lag Telecaster, Morley Pedals.
Mortel Gronvald plays 1965 Deagan Aurora Vibraharp (01/02/03/04/07).
Jaki Liebezeit plays Drums (exept 04/10), Gong (04), Hirschglocke (08/10), Dholak (06), Shaker (01).
Burnt Friedman plays Hohner Kinder Piano, Dubbel-U-Kay Steeldrum, Kalimba, Korg Ms 20 synthesizer, Korg Model 500 synthesizer, Hohner Melodica.

Track 09 remixed by B.Friedman and J.Suchy.
All tracksedited on Illogical Audio Sequencer and/or Pro Fools Software incooperating Akai 3200XL Sampler, EVP 88, Clavia Southrack 1, EXS 24 Sampler, Yamaha TG77 and Roland R8m.

Acoustic Bass Samples by August Engkilde (01/03/07).

Premastering by B.Friedman using SPL Qure Valve Equalizer, Aphex Exciter Type 3, Aphex Compellor and Monstertech Power socket.

Mastering by Raschad Becker, Dubplates&Mastering Instrument support: Drums Off Chaos and Zuli Aladag.
All pieces produced and arranged by B.Friedman. Morten Gronvad appears courtesy of Ethnotronic. 2002-2003. webmaster
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