Artist: Scorpions
Album: Unbreakable
Year: 2004
Rec.: BMG. ilya collection

01. New generation
02. Love 'em or leave
03. Deep and dark
04. Borderline
05. blood too hot
06. Maybe I maybe you
07. Someday is now
08. My city my town
09. Through my eyes
10. Can you feel it
11. This time
12. She said
13. Remember the good times (retro garage mix)

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Recorded and mixed by Ervin Musper "Remember The Good Time (Retro Garage Mix)" recorded by SCORPIONS and mixed by Phantom Brothers

Recorded at PEPPERMINT PARK studio's, Hannover, Germany. Except "Remember The Good Time" recorded at Scorpio Sound Studio

Mixed and mastered at WISSELOORD studio 3, Hilversum, The Netherlands


Guitar technicians: Peter Kirkman for Rudolf Schenker, Ingo Powitzer for Matthias Jabs

Drum technicians: Matthias Liebetruth and Andy Setter for James Kottak

  • Klaus Meine: vocals, backing vocals
  • Rudolf Schenker: rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars, solo guitar, baching vocals
  • Matthias Jabs: lead guitars, rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars, slideguitars and vicebox
  • Pawel Maciwoda: bass
  • James Kottak: drums, backing voices

    All keyboards and keyboard arrangement by Koen van Baal

    Guest bassists:

  • Barry Sparks on "Borderline" and "Love 'em or leave",
  • Ingo Powitzer on "Remember the good times (retro garage mix)"

    Backing vocals on "New generation" and "Borderline": Ralph de Jongh, Joss Mennen and Alex Jensen

    Jody's Kids choir: additional vocals on "New generation"

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