Artist: Urna Chahar-Tugchi
Album: Hodood
Year: 1999
Rec.: Val collection

01. Hodood
02. Sangjidorji
03. Uran tanganai
04. Taliin juud
05. Chagaan saaral mori
06. Chiwgaiin shili
07. Bayan hanggai
08. Naiman hin arslan
09. Arwan hoyor jil
10.Oor yortonch

86.16 Mb [ex]

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  • Urna Chahar-Tugchi (vocal)
  • Robert Zollitsch (zither, vocal, perc.)
  • Wu Wei (sheng)
  • Sebastian Hilken (cello, frame drum)

  • Recorded January 1999 at Studio Schauff Berlin,
  • Mastered at Studio Thein Bremen

    The CD contains Mongolian songs in delicate arrangements and some moving compositions. Pure acoustic music can be heard in a warm sound of highest recording quality. The booklet of the CD contains all lyrics in English and German.

    About Urna

    Urna Chahar-Tugchi was born into a family of livestock farmers in the grasslands of the Ordos district in the Southwest of Inner Mongolia. Being raised among horses and sheep and surrounded by head-high grass and sand dunes, Urna was imbued with a feeling of the endless expanse of the steppe.

    UrnaТs hunger for wisdom and other cultures lead her from the steppe to the far-off Chinese metropolis of Shanghai. At the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, she studied the Yangqin (Chinese dulcimer). It was during this time that Urna started her career as the featured singer in Robert ZollitschТs Gaoshan Liushui ensemble, one of ChinaТs first and most interesting World Music projects.

    Urna performs her own compositions in concert, combining her classical music education with experience in traditional Mongolian music. Each piece is crafted from equal parts of tradition and innovation. Her mastery of mixing elements of Mongolian Folk music with influences from other cultures creates a fresh, new sound with a familiar undertone. UrnaТs lyrics reflect her love for the poetry of her native Mongolian language. The natural immediacy of UrnaТs strong voice is striking.

    The melodies of her improvisations seem to soar endlessly and the dynamic of her voice ranges from the tenderness of a moonlit night to the merciless force of a Mongolian sandstorm. Combining charisma with artistic perfection, she leads her audiences on a journey through landscapes never seen.

    Urna is backed by an ensemble, many from other cultures, perform on various instruments and sensitively contribute their own musical language to this inspired music. The result is a colourful and exciting mixture of intimate tranquillity, deeply moving expression and eruptive power.

    Superb album by an exceptional singer. Born into a family of livestock farmers in the southwest of Inner Mongolia, Urna's formative years were ingrained with a feeling of the endless expanse of the steppe, raised among horses and sheep and head-high grass and sand dunes. She learned traditional Mongolian songs from her grandmother and parents, and still today collects songs and stories from the elder singers of her homeland. She studied yangqin (Chinese dulcimer) at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, where she joined Robert Zollitsch's Gaoshan Liushui ensemble as the featured singer. She still collaborates today with Robert including on this album. Urna's music mixes elements of Mongolian folk with a variety of other influences to create an original and fresh sound. At the centre, is always her voice, improvising, soaring and striking in its range and beauty.

    ”рна „ахар - “угчи (Urna Chahar - Tugchi)

  • Hodood 52:38
  • монгольские традиционные степные напевы, красивый женский вокал

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