Artist: Revolutiotionary Hymns
Album: CD TWO
Year: 1991
Rec.: ITM Media. Mishail collection

01. Listen
02. Run Nigger
03. We Shall Overcome
04. Wake Up, Niggers
05. It's Time
06. Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution
07. They Shot Him
08. Attica Blues
09. Just Because
10. Song For Che
11. The Meek
12. Holy Ghost
13. Birds Words
14. Nearer My God To Thee
15. A Love Supreme

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01. Listen (The Black Voices)
02. Run Nigger (The Last Poets)
03. We Shall Overcome (Charlie Hagen Liberation Orchestra)
04. Wake Up, Niggers (The Last Poets)
05. It's Time (Max Roach)
06. Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution (The Last Poets)
07. They Shot Him (The Black Voices)
08. Attica Blues (Archie Shepp)
09. Just Because (The Last Poets)
10. Song For Che (Charlie Hagen Liberation Orchestra)
11. The Meek (The Black Voices)
12. Holy Ghost (Albert Ayler)
13. Birds Words (The Last Poets)
14. Nearer My God To Thee (the Black Voices)
15. A Love Supreme (John Coltrane)
16. Jazz Is (The Last Poets) [lost track!] 2002-2004. webmaster
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