Artist: Legendary Pink Dots
Album: Farewell, Milky Way
Year: 2000
Rec.: Essential Music. Neo-Psychedelia. Val collection

01. A Crack In Melencholy
02. On Another Shore
03. Vigil-Anti
04. Love In A Plain Brown Envelope
05. 9 Shades To The Circle
06. Demolution 13
07. Bella D.
08. Needles
09. Space Captain (Extender)

126.6 Mb [ex]

[ex] - альбом записан с переменным битрейтом VBR 220-240 kbps, js (--alt-preset extreme)


The line-up:

The Silverman: keyboards,
Ryan Moore: drums/bass,
Martijn de Kleer: guitar/drums,
Edward Ka-Spel: voice/keyboards,
Niels Vail Hoornblower: horns,
Raymond Steeg: sound wizardry.

Recorded by raymond Steeg and hans Meijer at The Melkweg, Amsterdam, 
in 1994 for VPRO Radio. Many thanks to Marylou Busch who made this recording possible. 

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