Artist: Talking Heads
Album: True Stories
Year: 1986
Rec.: EMI. Mishail collection

01. Love For Sale
02. Puzzlin' Evidence
03. Hey Now
04. Papa Legba
05. Wild Wild Life
06. Radio Head
07. Dream Operator
08. People Like Us
09. City Of Dreams
10. Wild Wild Life (Long E.T. Mix)

85.23 Mb

Talking Heads are:

David Byrne: guitar and vocals
Chris Frantz: drums
Tina Weymouth: bass and backing vocals
Jerry Harrison: keyboards, guitar and backing vocals

Songs by David Byrne

Produced and perfomed by Talking Heads

EMI Records Ltd.
Hayes Midolesex England

(P) 1986 Original sound recordings made by Talking Heads Tours Inc.
(C) 1986 Talking Heads Tours Inc.

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