Artist: Anouar Brahem, Francois Couturier, Jean-Louis Matinier
Album: Le pas du chat noir
Year: 2001
Rec.: Rec. July 2001, Radio DRS, Zurich

01. Le pas du chat noir
02. De tout ton coeur
03. Leila au pays du carrousel
04. Pique-nique a Nagpur
05. C'est ailleurs
06. Toi qui sait
07. L'arbre qui voit
08. Un point bleu
09. Les ailes du Bourak
10. Rue du depart
11. Leila au pays du crrousel, var.
12. Deja la nuit

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Anouar Brahem - Le pas du chat noir 
(GEMA, ECM 1792)

Anouar Brahem		oud
Francois Couturier	piano
Jean-Louis Matinier	accordion

All compositions by Anouar Brahem.
The themes "Toi qui sait" and "Deja la nuit" were originally composed
for the soundtrack of Moufida Tlatli's film, "La saison des hommes".

Recorded July 2001
Radio DRS, Zurich

ECM says:

Hypnotic, magnetic new album by Anouar Brahem which adds a new dimension to our knowledge of this exceptional Tunisian musician. "Le pas du chat noir" gives the clearest indication yet of the work of Brahem as composer and features a spacious "chamber music" that resonates with the freshness of improvisation. The instrumentation is unique: oud, piano, accordion. Brahem's writing for this combination is highly evocative, meticulously controlled and sparse. Half of the magic, as he notes, resides in the not-played, in the marvellous mingling of overtones, sounds that rise from the piano to blend with the warm tones of the oud and the breath of the accordion's bellows. "There's something beautiful about silence, and Anouar Brahem says it exquisitely... In the end, what matters most is Brahem's continual creative excursions, finding the undertones of tradition in a modern world, filling in silence with learned levity." - Derek Beres, Global Rhythm

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