Artist: Krishna Das
Album: Door of Faith
Year: 2005
Rec.: EKO music. Val collection

01. Puja
02. Sita's Player - Hey Mata Durga
03. Mere Gurudev
04. Rudrashtakam (shiva Stuti)
05. Jai Jagadisha Here (Arti)
06. Sri Hanuman Chaleesa - Gate of Sweet Nectar
07. God is Real - Here Ram

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“He sings directly to my heart” – Ram Dass An enhanced CD featuring original songs, invocations and Sanskrit prayers recorded with classical western and Indian instruments. With "Door Of Faith," Krishna Das has created his most intimate and profound recording to date. From “Mere Guru Dev”, an entrancing duet performed with his daughter Janaki to the gospel-chant of “God Is Real/Hare Ram” one is drawn into a place that is rarely captured in a recording. Door of Faith is a milestone recording that provides a breathing space for our time. Enhanced CD features a seven-minute film of behind-the-scenes glimpses of the recording session and candid footage of Krishna Das and Ram Dass in conversation.

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