Artist: Spaceships Of
Album: The Imagination Vol.2
Year: 2004

01. O - Cyberbabas
02. The Herb Garden - Hallucinogen (escerpt)
03. Go Fly A Kite - Saiko Pod
04. Streets - Nitin Sawhney
05. A - Logic Bomb
06. DB - Synthetic
07. Relax Brains - X Dream
08. Two Brains - Logic Bomb
09. Kicking Test - The Antidote

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Spaceships of the Imagination 2 is the second in the series.

Concepted and compiled by Raja Ram, it is a chance to put together some of the best ambient moments of the past with some of the groovier, morning music that compliments them.

It is a collection of our own tunes (some of which have long been deleted) that we wish were on an album together.

Now they are, hope you enjoy. It is the album that Raja Ram wanted in his CD wallet when he went on his travels.

There is an extra cd in the package. It is by The Templo Mae D'Agua. It is music from the Ayahuasca ceremonies in Brazil. Acoustic and simple but beautiful and previously unheard outside those that have taken part.

Style: Ambient
Released: Jan. 2005/02

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