Artist: Koku Nishimura
Album: Kyotaku
Year: 1998
Rec.: Val collection.

01. Kyo choshi
02. Ajikan
03. Reibo
04. Yamato-choshi
05. Saji

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The International Shakuhachi Society

- Biography: Nishimura Koku

Koku Nishimura started playing the bamboo flute when he was 28 years old. 
He was taught by a "komuso" named Kyochiku Tani. Later, Koku Nishimura became a master flutist and 
founded the Tani-sect of flute players. He named the special type of bamboo flute 
used by himself and his pupils, "kyotaku." Koku Nishimura became a komuso and for 
ten years he walked around Japan and played kyotaku. He tought students from all over the world, 
and he has made over 2,000 kyotaku flutes. In addition to being a flute master, 
he was an accomplished woodcarver and painter. He had a black belt with six dan 
in Okinawa karate and a black belt with three dan in Kendo. In addition, 
he was the Honorary Director of the Ruo-yan Buddism Association in China.

Speciality: Shakuhachi
Born: 1915
Died: 2002/06

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