Performer, musician, band: Kenny G.
Album name: Kenny G.
Original CD year:
Comment: Samarodin collection

01. BRAZIL (perf. by G. - Jorge Calandrelli)
02. PARADISE (perf. by G. - W. Ross)
03. MALIBU DREAMS (perf. by G. - W. Ross)
04. ONE MORE TIME (perf. by G. - W. Ross - Chante Moore)
05. SPANISH NIGHTS (perf. by G. - W. Ross)
06. SEASIDE JAM (perf. by G. - W. Ross)
07. OCEAN BREEZE (perf. by G. - W. Ross - W. Ross)
08. FALLING IN THE MOONLIGHT (perf. by G. - W. Ross, B. McKnight)
09. ALL THE WAY (perf. by G. - W. Ross, B. McKnight oss)
10. MIDNIGHT MAGIC (perf. by G. - W. Ross)
11. PEACE (perf. by G. - Jorge Calandrelli)

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