Performer, musician, band: Celtic Folk - MiX
Album name: Кельтский фолк - подборка
Original CD year: 2005
Comment: Samorodin collection

01-Alan Stivell - Chemins De Terre (1973)
    01-An Dro Nevez

02-Alan Stivell - Live In Dublin (1975)
    02-Pachpi Kozh Pachpi New
    03-Ton-bale Pourled
    04-Bal Ha Dans Plinn
    05-An Droiou

03-Alan Stivell - Again (1993)
    02-O'Neil's march-The king of the fairies
    03-Ian Morrisson Reel

04-Alan Stivell - -Zoom- [CD1] (1997)
    01-Eliz Iza
    02-Suite Des Montagnes

05-Alan Stivell - -Zoom- [CD2] (1997)
    01-Suite Irlandaise-2eme partie

06-Bill Whelan - Riverdance (1995)
    01-Reel Around The Sun
    02-The Countess Cathleen-Women Of The Sidhe
    03-Slip Into Spring
    04-American Wake (The Nova Scotia Set)
    05-Marta's Dance-The Russian Dervish
    06-The Harvest

07-Bill Whelan - The Roots of Riverdance (1997)
    01-The Countess Cathleen-Woman of the Sidhe
    02-Bridge Attack

08-Carl Hession - Tra - Water's Edge (1997)
    01-Morning Gallop
    02-Glenroe (Thuas ag Gort an Charnain)
    03-Morgan Magan  / 3,62 Mb
    04-Tricast (The Kerry Cow-March of the Mayomen-The Smiling)
    05-Sliabh Geal gCua
    06-Chestnut Lane
    07-Oyster Promenade
    08-American Reels (Introduction-Nano's Favourite)
    09-The Ace and Deuce of Pipering-Olaim Puins
    10-Trilogy(Up and Away Polka-An Binsin Luachra-GairdinAnRi)
    12-The Final Round-Who's Turn

09-Celtic Spirit - Lyra (1998)
    02-How can I Keep from Singing
    03-The Last Crossing
    04-Celtic Spirit Medley

10-Dordan - Celtic Aire (1999)
    01-Three Reels- Weave the Bog Cotton-Barr na Ceibhe
    03-Three Reels- The Boys of the Lough-Over the Bog Road
    04-Marie's Welcome
    05-The Gate to the Mill
    06-All Five Ran
    07-Magherafelt May Fair
    08-Mo Bhuachaillin Donn
    09-Ridente La Calma
    10-McSorley's Repose
    11-Live Every Day

11-Enya - A Box of Dreams CD2 - Clouds (1997)
    02-Willows on the Water

12-Gaelic Storm - Gaelic Storm (1998)
    01-The Farmer's Frolic
    02-The Storm
    03-Sight Of Land
    04-The Road To Liskeard

13-Gaelic Storm - Herding Cats (1999)
    01-After Hours at McGann's
    02-Breakfast at Lady A.'s
    03-The Broken Promise

14-John Whelan - Celtic Crossroads (1997)
    01-Skimming the Surface
    02-Hornpipes- Beautiful Blackwater, Maggie K's
    03-Champs Elysees
    04-Grosse Lle

15-John Whelan - Flirting With the Edge (1998)
    01-Reels- January's Journey, DD's Car
    02-The Heather in Winter
    03-Mayengo Reel
    04-Reels- This Is Sirius, Falling for Charlotte
    05-Jigs- Brother John's Jig, Kinyon's No. 1, Kinyon's No. 2
    06-The Storm Warning
    07-Red Is The Rose

16-John Whelan - Come To Dance (1999)
    01-Jackie Coleman's,Bag of Spuds, Bird in the Bush
    02-The Broadstone Inn, Big Smugs, Beth Patterson's
    03-Tracks in the Snow, The Nightlight
    04-Fermoy Lasses, The Old Hig Reel
    05-Queen Esther's, `What Daddy-, April's Polka
    06-Mary O'neill's, Bank of Ireland, Ballinamore
    07-Ten Penny Bit, Trip to Athlone, Gallagher's Frolics
    08-Newtown Bridge, The Kerryman
    09-Spellman the Fiddler, Gan Aimn, Deacon Harry Doyle

17-Paul Winter and Friends - Celtic Solstice (1999)
    01-O'Farrel's Welcome to Limerick
    02-My Fair and Faithful Love-Blarney Pilgrim
    03-After the Fleadh-Running Through the Woods with KeetuMb
    04-Golden Apples of the Sun (Reprise)

18-Ronan Hardiman - Michael Flatley's Lord Of The Dance (1996)
    04-Fiery Nights
    07-Cry of the Celts
    08-The Lord of the Dance

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